bike cases for oversize
and integrated seat post bicycles (triathlon)
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lighter than 8 kg !
(the lightest bike case in the world)
how to install your bike
into the case
Integrated seat posts/seat masts are rapidly becoming the norm on top-end carbon fiber bicycles, but they share one common drawback. The larger seat tube length is limiting the choice of current bike case manufacturers for both the consumer in the aftermarket. But also for the brand who wants to offer the high-end buyer a safe transport (or even shipping???) case for his prestigious race machine! If your brand is presented with this problem, SPINE22 has come to the rescue and launches a series of oversize bike cases for oversize bikes for Triathlon, Time Trials, Track and Road use. Our bike cases are made from a range of materials including soft Nylon/EVA, ABS,  Polycarbonate or Full Carbon Fiber composite.
The advantages of the various materials are lighter, yet stronger material properties so to offer you the best suitable and economical solution. Be it for Aftermarket or OEM applications, branded or non-branded, or for an existing product and you need new expertise - regardless of start scenario we can offer you the matching product. Spine22 and its various manufacturers offer more than 4 years of knowledge and expertise for the different materials and construction techniques. Upcoming Taipei Show sees the launch of the new range, highlighting one oversize model in soft nylon/EVA for the use with bikes with integrated Seat post.Based on the existing mould other materials can be offered as your brand and the market requires!